Who We Are

First, lets talk about who we aren’t. 

We aren’t a huge slow moving firm.  We aren’t a firm with outdated procedures or structures with the tools and strategies that worked in the past.  We aren’t a firm of egos, looking for a spotlight. 

We are soldiers. We are a fast moving team that understands the power of collaboration, we know what its like to have a great idea and take it from a sketch to a leader of industry in the global market.  We are not satisfied with maintaining the status quo…the status quo just became obsolete 10 mins ago. We are about being dynamic, understanding that problems can come fast which is why being agile is so important in todays business climate. We are more than dynamic marketing. We are more than successful operators.  We are a team of experts that know what it takes to be a successful business owner.  We are a diverse group of innovators, designers, strategists, buyers, thinkers, planners and operators committed to helping you take your idea or business to the next level.

We are experienced. We are empowered. We are dynamic. We are YOUR ARMY.

What We Believe

We believe in entrepreneurship. We believe in teams. We believe in people. We believe in great ideas. We believe we have the skills to help others realize their dreams. 

We have spent the last 26 years expanding our brand internationally, winning many industry awards, topping many sales lists, we were so successful at what we do, that Hollywood even came knocking.  We have vast experience in Food & Beverage, Brand Management, local and global marketing, retail, product development, entertainment, content creation, b2b negotiations, live events, sales and relationship/team building. 

We believe the world would be a better place if people were able to do what they are truly motivated to do.  We believe entrepreneurship is the backbone of our nation and we want to help others achieve their goals; whether its getting a start up off the ground, or expanding from 1 store to 10, or 10 to 100. We are YOUR ARMY. The next step is up to you. 

Founding Partners

Leejon Killingsworth

Leejon Killingsworth is a tactical leader recognized for strong work ethic and drive for excellence. He demonstrates ability to improve and maintain enterprise-wide standards within restaurant, bar, nightclub, food and retail outlet operations. Highly skilled in building and leading cross-functional teams that consistently exceed client’s organizational objectives. Articulate, visionary leader with excellent interpersonal, analytical, trend recognition and critical thinking skills. Foresees fluxes within operations and anticipates emerging crises to mitigate risk. Consistently delivers positive results by maximizing organizational policies and procedures, which have consistently led to large venue victories. 30 plus years’ experience in management positions for several international companies including Blockbuster, ENIC (Planet Hollywood and WB Stage 16), and Coyote Ugly Saloon.

Kevin Bailey

Kevin Bailey has a background in film. During the 20+ years that he’s worked in the nightclub industry, he’s coupled his love of the “nightlife” with a passion for film. Amongst being an assistant director on two independent films, from August of 1999 to September of 2000 Kevin volunteered his skill as an A/V tech at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Including general manager of two of Atlanta’s most notorious nightclubs, and general manager of Earthlink live, a 65,000 square foot concert venue, partnering with House of Blues. He has since become an expert at commercial construction and development. He has personally overseen the construction of 20+ venues worldwide. He is your hammer and nails expert to turn your idea into a brick and mortar reality. 

 Liliana “Lil” Lovell

Founder and operator of the most famous bar on the planet, Coyote Ugly, Liliana Lovell got her start in New York City. She took her $50,000 investment and turned it into a $600 million dollar grossing empire. Vast experience in operations and negotiations, plus as on air talent for our MTV reality show series Inside the Real Coyote Ugly (over 52 million viewers) and the Ultimate Coyote Search on MTV, VH1 and CMT.  Maria Bello portrayed her in the $120 million grossing film Coyote Ugly produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney’s Touchstone films.   

Jeff Wiseman

Jeff Wiseman graduated from Columbia College in 1986 with a degree in political science. He received a law degree from the University of Miami School Of Law in 1992.  Prior to full time employment with Ugly, Inc., Mr.. Wiseman was in private practice as an associate with the New York office of Sidley Austin Brown & Wood, LLP.  Mr.. Wiseman has vast experience in liability and contract law.